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Our Puzzle Book Ninja website provides puzzles of all sorts. From language based puzzles like: free cryptograms, find a word puzzles, multiple choice puzzles, crossword puzzles, free wordsearches, freeform puzzles, middle school puzzles, homeschooling, puzzles for classroom use, and downloadable family fun, to math based puzzles like logic puzzles, sudoku, karuko, to picture based puzzles like mazes and so much more!

Our team has worked hard to put together multiple varieties of puzzles that are currently available on our site. We hope that you enjoy the many hours of puzzle solving, keeping the brain active, and challenging family and friends to see who can be the first to complete a set of puzzles. Please use the Contact Us page to ask questions, provide ideas, or something that you notice needs changing.

We look forward to many more additions of puzzles to our growing category's list!

The Puzzle Book Ninja Team

March News!

Welcome our new category to the family at Puzzle Book Ninja! Chemistry-Periodic Table Of Elements. This category supports secondary grades 9-12 students, home schooling classrooms and tutors.

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, have fun with our St. Patrick's Day Puzzles.

Engage student creativity by giving them Blank Word Search Grids to create their very own wordsearch puzzles to exchange with friends and complete others.

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