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Back to school is just around the corner! Our Puzzle Book Team is as ready as ever to jump start students' school readiness with our variety of puzzle types and challenges. Our collection of Back To School Puzzles collection is alive and well.

To make the most of the Back to School Puzzle collection, first download the free puzzles, and then solve them. These puzzles are sure to engage the brain, help improve problem solving skills, as well as help to build vocabalary...All before getting back into the classroom.

And, true to our mantra of keeping the brain active, healthy and creative, this link to our Blank Word Search Grids is sure to bring hours of challenging fun as puzzle solvers make their own word searches using a variety of grids: square, as well as other shapes like: camera, robot, house, heart and circle shapes, to name a few. Our sponsors help us to keep the puzzles free. Check out our site map to see our growing collection of puzzles.

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Next Up: Back to School!

It's official! While summer might still be here, back to school is just around the corner! Our Puzzle Book Ninja team has the perfect puzzle collection to help kids jump start their return to school.

To help kids prepare Back to School collection is up and ready for immediate download.

Remember the new addition to our family: Puzzles for Grandparents category. Puzzles to engage the brain. We continue to develop unique puzzles that are sure to delight kids of all ages!

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