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It's official! We are 990+ free, downloadable puzzles strong! Puzzle Book Ninja is highlighting both our President's Day category and our most recent addition of Simple Machines to our science category.

There are many types of puzzles found here at our site. Here is the direct link to the list: Types of Puzzles Download, print, solve. OR, use the puzzles in digital and google classrooms. Our sponsors help us to keep the puzzles free. For a better overview of our site, here is the direct link to our site map. Check back often and continue to watch us grow!

Puzzle Categories

Choose from the puzzle categories below.

Simple Machines, Valentines & Presidents!

January is a time for renewal. Our recent additions also include Simple Machines. We have just added more Valentine's Day Puzzles.

We continue to add more President's Day puzzles which can be found here.

Support student vocabulary building with our Puzzle Book Ninja's Words Starting with Letter E.

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